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As you know that the Millions of people in Pakistan have been homeless, drowned, injured and also suffered from various diseases due to the recent floods and monsoon rains that have wrecked havoc in Pakistan. The death toll has also gone to many thousands in numbers which is still increasing due to this natural calamity.

In this situation where most of the world including UK, Germany, US, UNO, EC, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNHCR and many other countries, NGOs and also individuals are contributing to help the people effected from this disaster, Algailani Welfare Foundation also setup a Fund Raising Campaign for the effected people.
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Algailani Welfare Foundation
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Account #: 83996794
S Code: 20-08-98
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Al-Sheikh Al-Sayed Zain ud din Al-Gailani (RA) Shahzada Naqeeb ul Ashraaf Naqeebzada Jaddi Ghous ul Azam Baghdad Shareef Iraq
Al-Sheikh Al-Syed Abdur
Rahman Zahiruddin Abdullah
Al-Gailani Muttawali Al-Awqaf
Al-Qadiriya Baghdad Shareef
Khadam wa Sajjadate Jadi
Al-Sheikh Al-Syed Abdul Qadir
Al-Gailani (RA)
Khadem ul-Fuqara
Wa Khaleefa Majaz Al-Sheikh
Al-Syed Abdul Qadir
Al-Gailani (RA) Al Sheikh
Mohammad Aftab Al-Qadri.
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Iraq Working
We are working in Iraq for water, food and shelter.
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