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Darbar Services

The Darbar of the Holy shaykh provides services to other darbars in Iraq all of which are under the supervision of darbare Ghousia. The following services are given –

1. Maintenance of buildings & renovation

2. Food & Catering supplies and facilities

3. Reception of visitors

The Darbar at present is in critical need of attention to the following projects:-

 Renovation to the marble flooring.

 The big mosque Dome Mubaraka needs to be repaired

 A new water system is being installed

 The Following prepartion of the Annual Urs Celebrations requires many resources streamlined to accomadate guests throughout the world in regards to residential, food and ensuring the safety.

Our Shaykhs

Al-Sheikh Al-Sayed Zain ud din Al-Gailani (RA) Shahzada Naqeeb ul Ashraaf Naqeebzada Jaddi Ghous ul Azam Baghdad Shareef Iraq
Al-Sheikh Al-Syed Abdur
Rahman Zahiruddin Abdullah
Al-Gailani Muttawali Al-Awqaf
Al-Qadiriya Baghdad Shareef
Khadam wa Sajjadate Jadi
Al-Sheikh Al-Syed Abdul Qadir
Al-Gailani (RA)
Khadem ul-Fuqara
Wa Khaleefa Majaz Al-Sheikh
Al-Syed Abdul Qadir
Al-Gailani (RA) Al Sheikh
Mohammad Aftab Al-Qadri.
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