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Al-Gailani Welfare Foundation raise the awareness of the Great Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gailani’s life, teachings and the spiritual benefits to be gained by connecting to this Founder Sheikh of the Silsila Qadria And head of all Salasal.

Iraq has been in a state of war for a long time. Due to this many ongoing projects related to the Shrine of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gailani have been stopped. The Holy Shrine of the Great Sheikh has suffered in the sense that the planned extension to the Shrine had been stopped.

The residential area was being extended to accommodate the increasing number of people who wish to stay for short periods of time. Everything has been delayed due to the lack of funds. The Sajada Nasheen, Sheikh Syed Abdur Rahman Zaheer Uddin Abdullah AL-Gailani sahib of Sheikh Abdul Qadir AL-Gailani has decided to establish a charitable organization in the name of Al-Gilani Welfair Foundation. The Khalifah of Dargah-e-Ghouse Azam, Mohammed Aftab-Al-Qadri sahib has been given the task of making arrangements for this foundation to operate in the U.K. The main work to be carried out by this foundation will be to complete the unfinished construction and other projects related to the Shrine of the Great Sheikh and also to provide aid to other poverty stricken areas Iraq and rest of world.
Jazakaam-ullaha Khairan 
Our Shaykhs

Al-Sheikh Al-Sayed Zain ud din Al-Gailani (RA) Shahzada Naqeeb ul Ashraaf Naqeebzada Jaddi Ghous ul Azam Baghdad Shareef Iraq
Al-Sheikh Al-Syed Abdur
Rahman Zahiruddin Abdullah
Al-Gailani Muttawali Al-Awqaf
Al-Qadiriya Baghdad Shareef
Khadam wa Sajjadate Jadi
Al-Sheikh Al-Syed Abdul Qadir
Al-Gailani (RA)
Khadem ul-Fuqara
Wa Khaleefa Majaz Al-Sheikh
Al-Syed Abdul Qadir
Al-Gailani (RA) Al Sheikh
Mohammad Aftab Al-Qadri.
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We are working in Iraq for water, food and shelter.
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